Sunday, December 18, 2011

Wow! Look at this Cow Eye!

We just finished studying all of the parts of the eye.  We learned about the cornea, the lens, as well as other parts.  Check out the pictures below.  We all had a great time!  On the left:   Is Jason brave enough to touch the lens?  Amyah and Nyayop are encouraging him. 

 Matthew, Hsa Moo, Samantha and Alana looking as Nurse Twyla shows them the eye.
                                                     Samantha, Joey, and Alana

 Hello, Matthew!
                   I love it that Luth and Alan are so excited about this! 
                             Good job, boys!!

 Yeeshai -- what's so funny? 
 This is sooo neat!

 Emmanuel is looking at his diagram to figure out what part of the eye
that is....  Good thinking, Emmanuel!

 Elio,  this is the cornea!
 What is this?  Angel asks......
 Shaquille is liking this!

Oops... I must've liked this picture so much, I put it in twice!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


What is plaque?  What are cavities?   The 2nd graders have been busy learning about plaque, cavities, enamel, and the parts of the tooth.   Brushing your teeth is important, to avoid cavities.   The students had a 1st hand experience today when we practiced by brushing the "plaque" off of the "tooth".     Hard boiled eggs were soaked in coca cola overnight to create the "plaque"  (Yes, we are pretending).   The eggs were brown, gross, and disgusting.  Each child had a toothbrush, and were told to brush, and clean up the teeth.   We all understood the importance of brushing our teeth.   Enjoy the photos below:

Angel is scrubbing hard.  Get that plaque off, Angel!!!

Yeeshai and Jason working on their eggs.   Good job, boys!

Look at my eggs!!!!

Emmanuel and Jason taking turns......

Scrub it off, Shaquille!

Look how hard Matthew and Jaida are working.  :)

Say Cheese!   That egg was yummy!

Emmanuel enjoying his egg.

I'm not so sure about this. 

Oh No!  Someone threw a toothbrush in the garbage.   My little helpers are determined to find it!  
 (And they did!!)