Sunday, October 28, 2012

Everyday I'm Shufflin!!!!

What?  School can be fun?  Why sure it can!  When their work was all done, these students wanted to burn some energy.  They were showin off their 'moves'....

                         TA DA!!!!

                        GO, PABLO GO!  

ANTS, ANTS, and more ANTS!

Science has been FUN!  We went from goldfish to ANTS!  We are studying animals and their habitats, what they need,  and how they survive.  After ants,  something else is coming!  What could it be?

     Jocelyn is recording her data from her observation.

      Jane and Perla are carefully observing their ant farm.

   Joseph is having fun in Science!!!

  WOW!  Look at this scientist! I love this picture!


We are starting to blog in 2nd grade!  Each week, we bring the laptops into the classroom, and blog about what we are learning.  After we finish blogging, the students can get on Edmodo, or go to my Symbaloo page and play some learning games.  Ask them to see their blog.  You would be so proud!

Sunday, October 14, 2012


We are getting excited to begin a new unit on Animals!   Students have been given clues that the first animal we will be studying are GOLDFISH!   Here are some pictures before we DIG IN!  :)

This first picture is my aquarium.  These fish are STARVING all the time.  The moment I put the food in, they all swarm to the top like vultures.  Here is a picture of feeding time at "Bikini Bottom"!!!

Here are the student trays/supplies.  Pretty soon, each will have a goldfish to observe, feed, and learn more about.  Exciting!

We have also been getting clues as to what the next "thing" will be.  What?  Something else is coming to 2nd grade?  What could it be?

Here are some clues that we have received:

1.  It is NOT Justin Bieber.
2.  It isn't an it.
3.  It does not talk.
4.  They are not human.
5. It has more legs than you do.
6.  It won't call you.  Not even maybe!

What could it be?  

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Field Trip - updated!

We had a great day at the Prairie Heritage Center!  We went on a hike, learned about birds, saw some buffalo, and had a great time!   Check out the pictures below for lots of fun....  

Look what we spotted on our hike!  A fox tail and come corn!

Going down a very steep hill on our hike.  Thanks, Joseph, for helping me!!!

Pablo and Mason showing more evidence of animals on the prairie.

      Boys posing by the lake.

Digging in the sand for some 'buried treasure"! 


My lunch buddies !  :)