Saturday, March 5, 2011

Electicity, Experiments, and Excitement!!!!

Thank you to MidAmerican Energy for allowing the Science Center of Iowa come and visit the Storm Lake Elementary.   This was a fun way to get the students excited about electricity, as well as learn the importance safety rules.  Enjoy the following pictures of the Science Assembly.

 The scientist showed the "floating magnets"  when the magnets would repel each other.

                               Static electricity --  "Look at my hair!!" 

 The packing peanuts "magically" flew out of Ethan's hand.   The power of electricity!!!

                                Let there  be light!!!

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  1. this was fun, and he entertained both the students and the teachers.......loved how the kids reacted to the "peanuts" flying out of Ethan's hand :)

    Mrs. Struck