Thursday, November 17, 2011

We are BLOGGING!!!

 I am sooo excited!  Our class is now blogging!   If you look at the top of this website, at the different websites I posted, you will find a website called kidblog. is a neat website where students can blog about school, their favorite food, or whatever they'd like.   We just did a simple post today, to introduce the kids to the website.  They are so excited.   I will try to comment on each child's blog post when they "publish" them.  We will do more blogging in school, but I told the kids to feel free to blog from home as well.   The more we write, the happier I am!!     Enjoy reading the posts and comments on this website!

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  1. wants me to log in to read comments; where do I make an account????

    you are a great teacher :)

    Mrs. Struck