Sunday, March 25, 2012

We Love Science!

I think the best part of each day is Science!  The kids walk in each morning asking, "Mrs. Knapp, are we going to do an experiment today?"  I love this, and I have to admit, it is really fun.  We have just started a new unit in Science, Earth's Materials.  We study rocks, soil, and water.  We have been looking at the properties of rocks, and done a few experiments.  The students don't know this yet, but the best is yet to come!!!  I can't wait!!!    
One of the fun parts - we gave a name to each rock.  Before I told them the real names, we voted on our own.  We came up with :

pumice - 'light coral'                                     sandstone -  'red glitter'
granite - 'shiny brick'                                    limestone - 'gray chalk'
conglomerate - 'rocky road'                         marble - 'crystal ball'
slate - 'chocolate smoothie' (my favorite)

Below are a few pictures of the kids working on properties of the rocks.

Look at this great teamwork!  They are all working together on sorting their rocks.  Luth is using the scale.  Must be sorting their rocks by weight???

Angel is checking his 'data'.  Do his rocks in the ice cube tray look like the real one with sorted rocks?  Nice work Angel!

More great teamwork!  Jaida helps Hsa Moo with her rocks, while Emmanuel takes time for a quick pose.  :o)

Starting to use the sandpaper on the rock.  Kalany and Joey decide who gets to try it first!

Check out this video of a group showing great teamwork.  You will see them doing 4 different things to the rocks.   Viewing it with a hand lens,  using sandpaper to see if any little pieces fall off,  Putting vinegar on it to see what happens, and dropping it in water to see if it sinks or floats.   Enoy!!  

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