Sunday, October 14, 2012


We are getting excited to begin a new unit on Animals!   Students have been given clues that the first animal we will be studying are GOLDFISH!   Here are some pictures before we DIG IN!  :)

This first picture is my aquarium.  These fish are STARVING all the time.  The moment I put the food in, they all swarm to the top like vultures.  Here is a picture of feeding time at "Bikini Bottom"!!!

Here are the student trays/supplies.  Pretty soon, each will have a goldfish to observe, feed, and learn more about.  Exciting!

We have also been getting clues as to what the next "thing" will be.  What?  Something else is coming to 2nd grade?  What could it be?

Here are some clues that we have received:

1.  It is NOT Justin Bieber.
2.  It isn't an it.
3.  It does not talk.
4.  They are not human.
5. It has more legs than you do.
6.  It won't call you.  Not even maybe!

What could it be?  

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