Friday, January 27, 2012


Mrs. Meusburger came into our class this morning, and presented our Basics lesson.   You may remember Mrs. Meusburger from when she visited our classroom before.  She used to be the Buena Vista County Naturalist.  She came into our classrooms and taught us about bats, insects, fossils, and also did the Star Lab with us.  Now, she has started a new position, as our BASICS coordinator.  We learn about eating healthy, exercising, and how to make healthy snacks.  Today, we sampled a mango smoothie.  It was delicious!

Everyone had a job.  Alan is adding the yummy fruit.

 Luth is adding the ice.

 Kalany is adding the sugar.

and more sugar.....

and the most important job of all.....  pushing the start button!

and off.  :o)

Time to pass out the treats!

Jaida waiting patiently......

 How does it taste, Emmanuel?

They were delicious!!

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